Cerebrate v1.19 released with several usability / functionality fixes

Cerebrate v1.19 released with several usability / functionality fixes

v1.19 is a maintenance release with fixes and improvements mostly based on the feedback of the CSIRT-Network and ENISA.


  • Added session handling related settings


  • Keycloak metafield sync fixed
  • Keycloak user modification/view issues when more than 100 users were enrolled due to a built in pagination limit in Keycloak
  • User enrollment fixes
  • Settings fixes
    • Correctly handle the boolean settings such as debug
    • Correctly display numeric settings
    • Ensure that the settings are loaded correctly
  • Prevent the saving of an invalid key expiration (either for dates in the past or altogether invalid dates that were cast to indefinite expiration)
  • Group admin fixes
    • Group admins can now properly enroll users for organisations other than their own that they manage
    • Group admins can now modify organisation metadata for all of their managed organisations
    • UI fixes to properly reflect what a group admin can do
    • Pagination issues fixed across the board
      • hard limit of 100 elements /page relaxed


  • Encryption key improvements
    • Reworked UI
    • Fixes to the search interface (search by owner org or individual)
  • Various search improvements
    • affected scopes include organisations, users, authentication keys
  • Backport and alignment of the MISP3 CRUD component