Cerebrate version 1.18 released including new features, improvements and bugs fixed

v1.18 (2023-12-20)

Cerebrate bulk org import from MISP


  • [settings:inbox.data_change_notify_for_all] Added setting to be more verbose for data changes. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [CRUD:Filtering] Added support of options in index filtering modal. [Sami Mokaddem]


  • [version] bump. [iglocska]

  • [inboxes:filtering] Populate username with eligible users in filtering modal. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [crud:index] Include all meta-fields regardless of user’s preference when in REST context. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [MISP connector] added bulk org pull. [iglocska]


  • [inboxes:index] Fixed pagination target key. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [component:CRUD] Make sure not to override table aliases when paginating. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [individual:validation] Enforce email format to be a valid email address. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [behavior:notifyAdmins] Fixed typo in date serialization. [Sami Mokaddem]


  • Merge branch ‘develop’ [iglocska]

  • Merge branch ‘develop’ of github.com:cerebrate-project/cerebrate into develop. [Sami Mokaddem]

Thanks to all the contributors and users who reported bugs and feature ideas!