Cerebrate is an open-source platform meant to act as a trusted contact information provider and interconnection orchestrator for other security tools (such as MISP).


  • Advanced repository to manage individuals and organisations;
  • Key store for public encryption and signing cryptographic keys (e.g. PGP);
  • Distributed synchronisation model where multiple Cerebrate instances can be interconnected amongst organisations and/or departments;
  • Management of individuals and their affiliations to each organisations;
  • Advanced API and CLI to integrate with existing tools (e.g. importing existing directory information);
  • Dynamic model for creating new organisational structure;
  • Support existing organisational structures such as FIRST.org directory, EU CSIRTs network;
  • Local tooling interconnection to easily interconnect existing tools with their native protocols;


The core software development is lead by the MISP core team and especially the team working at CIRCL.


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This project has been co-funded by “Connecting Europe Facility – Cybersecurity Digital Service Infrastructure Maintenance and Evolution of Core Service Platform Cooperation Mechanism for CSIRTs – MeliCERTes Facility” (SMART 2018/1024).