Cerebrate 1.0 Release_notes

Cerebrate 1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the first official release of Cerebrate. Whilst it is still early days for the project, our hope is that the platform in its current state already brings a notable improvement.

What is Cerebrate?

Cerebrate is a new open source tool, aiming to address several deficiencies in our tool chains, including having a central contact database for communities as well as community interconnection orchestration and security tool fleet management.

This first release of Cerebrate acts as a basis for future developments in the above areas, with functionalities to cover a host of different tasks.

Main features

  • Contact database containing information on organisations and individuals
  • Public key store for the above for information validation and secure communications
  • Centralised sharing group management
  • Cerebrate to Cerebrate synchronisation
  • Local integration module system
    • Currently with a MISP module included
  • Cerebrate to Cerebrate local tool interconnection
  • Local tool fleet management features
  • Ingestion tools for community specific contact database mappings
  • Integration with Keycloak

We welcome any ideas for improvement, pull requests and bug reports from the community. Additionally, we are also looking for tool developers / vendors that would like to work with us on integration modules for their respective tools.


Cerebrate’s development is co-financed by the Melicertes 2 project CEF, funded by the EU.