First release of Cerebrate - the open source companion to ISACs, CSIRTs and SOCs

First release of Cerebrate - the open source companion to ISACs, CSIRTs and SOCs

In the scope of the Open platform and tools to facilitate the collaboration among Computer Security Incident Response Teams project funded by the EU commission, CIRCL is pleased to announce the first release version of Cerebrate (1.0), an open source security orchestration tool for CSIRTs and SOCs.

The lead developers of the renowned open source threat intelligence platform, called MISP, have developed a companion tool to improve and support the integration between multiple critical open source security software such as MISP, IntelMQ and many others. It is a first step in ensuring interoperability among security tools, including open source and proprietary software.

Cerebrate provides a way to build an open source security ecosystem of tools in pursuit of enabling organisations’ autonomy and independence. Cerebrate also integrates a versatile directory solution to manage constituents, members and partners in information sharing communities such as ISACs, CSIRT networks or any closed or public sharing groups.

Cerebrate targets the following challenges:

  • Ease the management of common sharing group directories among sharing communities;
  • Map and integrate disparate directories such as organisations, individuals among different groups;
  • Simplify the management of MISP instance farms in large setup;
  • Foster interoperability between security tool-sets.

For more information, you can visit the cerebrate project website. You can also follow the MISP and Cerebrate Twitter account. Contact CIRCL for partnerships, ideas and feedback.