Cerebrate 1.13, including new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cerebrate 1.13, including new features, improvements bug and security fixes.

We strongly recommend Cerebrate users to update to this latest version.

v1.13 (2023-03-13)


  • [metaTemplateNameDirectory] Added index to see the known template and their associated saved meta-templates. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [user:permissionLimitation] Added current permission status while in add or edit context. [Sami Mokaddem]

    Also moved the notification key from meta-fields to meta-template-fields

  • [element:tagsField] Added support of editable based on passed configuration. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [ui:formInfo] Rafactored formInfo and added support of field description. [Sami Mokaddem]

    Can be done by using the tooltip key on the field configuration

  • [crud:filter] Added support of IN searches using dropdown. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [component:CRUD] Added support of IN condition when filtering index. [Sami Mokaddem]


  • [version] bump. [iglocska]

  • [meta-template:index] Added link to metaTemplateNameDirectory. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [metaTemplate:update] Gracefully handle case when template on disk is not readable. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [ui:select2] Added CSS file relying on BS variables instead of default theme hardcoded values. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [helper:bootstrap] Make sure to output the value even if it’s a 0 [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [settings:cerebrate] Improved check before saving debug level. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [component:CRUD] Added afterFind support in add. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [user:permissionRestriction] Move check from beforeSave to ApplicationRule. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [component:CRUD] Include meta-template before calling afterFind [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [tags:org/individual] Relaxed ACL on tagging. [Sami Mokaddem]

    • Before only site_admin could add tags.
    • Now org_admins can add tags for their orgs and individuals
    • Regular users can self manage their own individual tag
  • [encryptionKeys:beforeSave] Updated ACL to disable management of keys for regular orgs. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [encryptionKey] Made key searchable with substring strategy. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [organisations:add] Added notice about UUID reuse. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [helper:bootstrap] Added support of ID option. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [organisations] nationality field renamed to country. [iglocska]

    • UI display only so far
      • want to maintain alignment with MISP, might change in the future
    • filtering still calls it nationality
    • API still calls it nationality
  • [roles:index] Only show add role button for users having ACL access. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [authkeys:add] Select logged-in user by default. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [audit:filter] Made request_action a multiple search. [Sami Mokaddem]


  • [meta-template:update] Typo in variable name. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [elements:dropdownField] Always attach select2 to the body. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [individuals:delete] Gracefully catches deletion of individuals associated to a user. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [acl:metaTemplate] Added missing entry. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [individuals:canEdit] Changed function from public to private. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [elements:bootstrapTabs] Removed unused options. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [elements:metaTemplateForm] Restored error container in the form. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [element:metafields_panel] Correct usage of notices for bootstrap/listTable. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [individual:getValidToEdit] Restricted ACL to prevent one org_admin to edit another from the same org. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • [authkey:add] Forced expiration field to use datetime UI component. [Sami Mokaddem]

    Fix #145


  • Merge branch ‘develop’ [iglocska]

  • Merge branch ‘develop’ into main. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • Merge branch ‘develop’ of github.com:cerebrate-project/cerebrate into develop. [Sami Mokaddem]

  • Merge branch ‘main’ into develop. [iglocska]

  • Security: [authkey:add] Restrict creation of API keys for users in the same org and for other org_admins. [Sami Mokaddem]

Shout outs

Thanks to all contributors as well as all users that have let us know about issues, improvement ideas and generally sanity checking what we do.

A huge thank to the EC for the co-funding for the development of Cerebrate under “Connecting Europe Facility – Cybersecurity Digital Service Infrastructure Maintenance and Evolution of Core Service Platform Cooperation Mechanism for CSIRTs – MeliCERTes Facility” (SMART 2018/1024) contract.